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Product Crunchbase Enterprise

“Whenever we do startup landscape analysis, we always start with Crunchbase. And now with Crunchbase Enterprise, we have exactly the data we need - and it’s easy to retrieve it.”

Stephane Rousselle, Senior Knowledge Expert, Oliver Wyman


Oliver Wyman is a leading global management consulting firm that provides deep industry expertise to their clients. Looking to bolster their innovation strategy, clients often request insights into the startup landscape – so the Oliver Wyman team must come prepared with the best data.

Why Crunchbase?

After searching for a reliable and focused source of startup information, the Oliver Wyman team found Crunchbase Enterprise, which had the comprehensive data they needed. Their team pulls the Crunchbase dataset into semantic data models to uncover key trends and innovation opportunities for clients, then leverages Crunchbase Pro searches to dig deeper into competitors’ investments. Stephane Rousselle, Senior Knowledge Expert, shared, “Without access to Crunchbase Enterprise, we would not be able to do the industry-specific landscape analysis our clients need. We were not able to achieve the same breadth and depth as we do now with Crunchbase Enterprise.”


Crunchbase Enterprise helped Oliver Wyman’s teams open the door to new client relationships by providing actionable insights into the startup landscape. Their clients are happier with the tailored analysis and spot-on investment recommendations powered by Crunchbase data.

Integrate Crunchbase data with Salesforce, and get API access.

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