Founded in 2015
Industry Sales & Marketing Automation
Use case Market Research, Lead Generation
Product Crunchbase Pro

"Crunchbase Pro allows us to qualify accounts 3 times faster than before, and the flexibility of the data has been a lifesaver."

Charlie L., Director of Marketing, Engagio


Engagio is an account-based sales and marketing platform that helps their customers personalize their sales and marketing to close more deals. Engagio needed to activate a strategy to better target their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and scale lead qualification.

Why Crunchbase?

Engagio chose Crunchbase Pro to accelerate top-of-funnel lead generation and prioritize leads. Engagio uses saved searches to source leads that fit their ICP and get updates when a new lead matches their target profile. Sales teams then export that data to Excel and Salesforce where the account is automatically assigned to a sales representative and pre-populates with all of their background information. Engagio sales reps also use custom lists to keep tabs on prospects and act quickly on buy signals.


Engagio significantly accelerated their pipeline with Crunchbase Pro. Saved searches increased the number and frequency of qualified lead matches, while custom lists notify sales reps of buy signals to close deals faster. Engagio also saves countless hours of research and data entry by exporting Crunchbase data to Excel and Salesforce. Charlie elaborated,  “We save an immense amount of time by using Crunchbase Pro. Our teams spend a fraction of the time they used to on research, lead generation, and qualification, and it’s benefited our entire business.”

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