Outreach Customers Save 6-7 Hours of Research Time Each Month Using Crunchbase

Key Result

6-7 hrs/mo



Use case

Product Enhancement


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About the Company

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that uses AI for predictive analytics.


Outreach consolidates account-level information from several third parties, and aggregates this critical and time-sensitive financial information into one sales enablement platform. This allows sales reps to have highly-personalized conversations with top prospects and ultimately, close more deals.


Outreach integrates Crunchbase data into their platform so their clients can source and contextualize qualified leads. Clients discovered more opportunities by targeting prospects that have a higher likelihood to purchase, and the live Crunchbase dataset ensures reps don’t miss out when new companies receive funding. Crunchbase’s open API was easy to integrate, taking only a few hours to complete.  

“Crunchbase is the de facto source of funding data and we knew our customers – especially in tech – highly trusted Crunchbase”, said Outreach’s Senior Product Manager.


Integrating Crunchbase data makes the Outreach.io platform indispensable to their customers. Customers report more qualified leads and closed deals while saving significant time in the process. The company’s Senior Product Manger shared, “Clients report up to a 15% higher response rate by integrating Crunchbase funding data into their personalized messaging, with sales reps saving an average of 6 to 7 hours per month.”

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