SaaSOptics Reduced Its Prospecting Time in One Month with Crunchbase

Key Result

Reduced prospecting time



Use case

Prospecting, Sales



About the Company

SaaSOptics is a B2B subscription management platform.


SaaSOptics is a complete B2B subscription management platform that provides subscription and order management, GAAP revenue recognition, e-invoicing and payments, financial reporting and robust subscription metrics and analytics.

It enables emerging and growth subscription businesses the ability to eliminate their dependency on spreadsheets and streamline their financial operations, reporting, and performance metrics. They realized that it is beneficial to start working with subscription businesses at an early stage and then grow with that business; however, identifying these growing companies and finding accurate data on them proved difficult.


Having the most current information is a requirement for the SaaSOptics team and they could tell Crunchbase data was up-to-date through both the Crunchbase Daily newsletter and website. When they learned about Crunchbase Enterprise which comes with a Salesforce Integration, it was an obvious choice as the team was already using Salesforce as their CRM.


Everyone at SaaSOptics who has access to Salesforce is now leveraging this Crunchbase data. The Sales team is enriching their leads so that Sales Development Reps can tailor their messaging when they reach out to prospects.

Additionally, they’re running reports to see which investors have invested in their prospects to personalize communications and stand out from the crowd with the goal of obtaining a warm introduction where possible. Operations have set up workflows that send email alerts to an account or lead owner when a company receives funding, as that is a key signal that that company is growing and can benefit from a tool like SaaSOptics.

Within the first month of having the Crunchbase Salesforce Integration, they were able to significantly reduce prospecting time and easily create personalized messages to better connect with their ideal buyer. On the Customer Success team, workflows alert the CSM if a customer has been acquired or has made an acquisition. These are two trigger events in their core financial market that can indicate that a customer may be at risk if they got acquired or that there’s a potential upsell opportunity if they made an acquisition.

In just a short time, the Crunchbase Salesforce Integration has become an integral part of the entire Sales team life cycle.

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers