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Improved strategy and speed



Use case

Market Research



About the Company

RevelOne is a specialized marketing recruiting and strategy firm that helps companies find the marketing talent


RevelOne is a marketing recruiting and consulting firm that develops client growth strategies and recruits teams to deliver results. RevelOne creates strategic market maps for their clients based on peer companies that face similar growth and marketing challenges. RevelOne uses Crunchbase data to research and build company lists, but needed a faster, easier way to pinpoint the right companies and talent for their clients.


Crunchbase Pro allows RevelOne to quickly identify the most relevant companies and candidates to build strategic market maps. Managing partner, Dan Weiner, and his team build highly targeted company searches based on industry, size, and fundraising stage, then track new matches by saving searches with custom alerts.

Dan shared, “The sophistication of Crunchbase Pro lets us go deeper than other sources can. We can have more than 40 complex company searches built out at any time, so the ability to save, slice, and group them efficiently lets us build the strategic market maps we need.”


Crunchbase Pro makes RevelOne’s sourcing more efficient, and improves the sophistication of the strategic market maps they prepare for their their clients. Dan stated, “We save a lot of time by building granular searches, and can more easily create strategic market maps that our clients can use to grow from.” 

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers