Valor Partners Grew Its Client Base and Customer Satisfaction with Crunchbase

Key Result

Improved client win rate



Use case

Market Research, Prospecting



About the Company

Valor Partners is an executive search firm for technology clients.


Valor Partners sources top sales, marketing, and executive talent for startups and growth companies in a variety of sectors. They needed a comprehensive tool to research and prospect new clients, as well as source potential candidates.


Valor Partners selected Crunchbase Pro to prospect new customers, and as a research tool to surface the highest quality candidates for their clients. By building focused searches based on sector, funding, and location, the Valor Partners team was able to find exactly the companies and people they are looking for with ease.

As the company’s Founder and President explained, “For 15 years I have been using the same product, but Crunchbase Pro immediately blew it out of the water with the search tool’s level of detail and granularity. With Crunchbase Pro, I can stay on top of the market and my clients’ companies with the most up-to-date data in the industry.”


Crunchbase Pro has helped the Valor Partners team find more desired and specialized candidates than ever before. Sourcing better candidates as well as a more qualified customer pipeline has grown Valor Partner’s client base, while boosting overall customer satisfaction.

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers