Innovation Scout Increased Efficiency and Team Productivity with Crunchbase

Key Result

Drove team productivity



Use case

Market Research



About the Company

Innovation Scout is AI SaaS platform that helps companies discover, engage, assess and manage open innovation partners.


The Innovation Scout uses machine learning to match corporations with relevant startups to drive innovation and increase their competitive edge. They needed a centralized resource to track in-depth information on companies for their clients, but the channels they were using just weren’t cutting it.


Crunchbase Pro gives Innovation Scout the accurate, in-depth company data they need to help their clients forge the most powerful company partnerships possible. CEO Annette Tonti and her team built natural language processing queries to research emerging technologies, then used Crunchbase Pro to perform due diligence with their clients to find the best vendors and company partners.

Annette Tonti shared, “Crunchbase gives us a special lens on startup companies… if it’s not in Crunchbase, it’s probably not worthy of bringing to the attention of our clients. That’s important to us, because it sits at the heart of our brand.”


Crunchbase Pro helped Annette and her team find the best possible company partnerships and increase overall client satisfaction. They not only found better matches for their clients, but also did so more efficiently—increasing productivity of her team.

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers