How Crunchbase Helped Sales on Demand Find 200 Prospects a Month

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200 prospects per salesperson each month



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About the Company

Sales on Demand specializes in outreach, infrastructure formalization and improvement, and sales process automation to build robust sales processes that increase bottom-line activity.


As the founder of Sales on Demand, Jake Hampson helps other companies discover and approach prospects. Because he works with small and mid-sized enterprise clients in multiple industries, he needs to source prospects that fit a variety of customer profiles.

At first, he would comb through various tools and websites, only to find inaccurate data and misleading contact details. He knew those wasted hours could be better spent engaging with potential customers and closing deals.

Hampson recognized that he needed a better solution. His main goals? To find qualified companies based on their location, headcount and funding data, as well as a quick and easy way to sift through and organize this information. That’s when Hampson discovered Crunchbase.


Crunchbase was so effective in surfacing a comprehensive list of quality leads that he’s made it a core part of business operations at Sales on Demand.

What does he find most helpful? The fact that he can uncover a list of new, qualified companies for any of his clients’ needs, no matter their target market. 

He does this by using Crunchbase’s advanced search filters, such as employee headcount and funding. These, he explains, are the key building blocks in finding companies of the right size and territory and indicate when prospects are in a position to buy. 

For his clients, the location filters are especially useful. One of his customers, for example, needs to find prospects based in Israel–something Hampson thinks would be difficult without Crunchbase. Using Crunchbase’s advanced filters, he’s able to seamlessly switch from one country to another so that he can quickly find the right prospects. 

“I always have Crunchbase open on my computer, and I use it several times per day to quickly find and connect with qualified prospects. I can easily search and create lists based on my clients’ criteria, and then personalize my outreach based on the information I learned in Crunchbase. It’s a resource I couldn’t go without!” – Jake Hampson, Founder, Sales on Demand  

Hampson also enjoys the platform’s clean, intuitive layout, which makes it easy to uncover the information he needs without doing much digging. He works efficiently by saving lists of prospects for each of his clients, giving him an organized set of companies and contacts that he can continually reference while prospecting.


Hampson finds that Crunchbase not only helps him grow his own business, but his clients’ businesses as well. Crunchbase’s search capabilities have helped Sales on Demand uncover 200 prospects per salesperson each month while saving their customers several days a month trying to find the right prospects. 

Because of this success, Crunchbase has become an integral part of the company’s growth. As Sales on Demand continues to scale, every employee will have direct access to Crunchbase.

My business relies on Crunchbase to help clients with different ICPs hit their quotas. With Crunchbase, each salesperson uncovers 200 qualified companies each month, making it our most crucial tool for sales outreach. It’s a resource that pays for itself, and I recommend it widely among my clients!” – Jake Hampson, Founder, Sales on Demand

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