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Increase in meetings booked by 400%



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Prospecting, Sales



About the Company

Chat Metrics is a 24/7 managed live chat service that enables companies to provide real human to human engagement as prospects do research.


Developing the Right Services to Help Members Advance Their Careers

Prospecting today is inefficient for salespeople. They use multiple tools to do a handful of tasks, lack the ability to find target prospects without spending a ton of time on research, and have little insight into which companies are in a position to make a buying decision. These are just a few of the challenges salespeople struggle with that keep them from hitting goals.

For Chat Metrics, experiencing inefficiencies in the sales process was all too familiar. Kyle Rasmussen, the company’s Head of Revenue, faced several challenges:

  • Difficulties building scalable lists of targeted accounts. Building a list of target accounts that have common characteristics (e.g. Series B SaaS company that raised funding in the last 30 days) at scale involves a lot of time and effort. Without a proper solution to make the process efficient, Rasmussen wasted valuable time. 
  • The inability to get a clear picture of a company’s funding status and tech stack. Without knowing a company’s confirmed funding status or what tools they were using, Rasmussen was flying blind when conducting research and outreach.  
  • Reaching the right companies at the right time with the right messaging. For Rasmussen, there was no way to determine whether or not a company was in a position to buy, which ultimately impacted the effectiveness of his outreach.

When you look at these challenges, it’s easy to see how prospecting without the right insights can hinder a company’s ability to drive growth. What Rasmussen needed was a solution that solved all three problems to avoid wasting valuable time and effort. 


Knowing that Chat Metrics’ growth hinged on the ability to find and connect with the right prospects, Rasmussen turned to Crunchbase Pro.

As an all-in-one prospecting solution that only requires a credit card to get started, putting Crunchbase Pro to work right away was a breeze for Rasmussen. As he explained, “I clicked a few buttons and put in my credit card information. Crunchbase Pro took me two seconds to figure out.”

The first challenge Crunchbase Pro solved was building targeted account lists that could scale. With Advanced Search capabilities, Rasmussen had access to filters — funding rounds, number of employees, contacts, and so on — he could use to make granular search queries that surfaced companies matching his specific ideal customer criteria. In addition, with automation and alerts, he was instantly notified when new companies matched this criteria over time. 

Rasmussen was able to easily create scalable target account lists that surfaced the exact type of company, as well as decision-maker, he felt would benefit from partnering with Chat Metrics. He no longer had to spend countless hours researching companies, their stages, and track down if they raised capital. Everything he needed was in one place with Crunchbase Pro.

The second problem that Crunchbase Pro helped Rasmussen with was reaching the right companies at the right time with the right messaging. Data signals in Crunchbase, such as funding data and actively hiring, made it easy to identify companies that were primed for making a buying decision due to the investment in growth. Rasmussen leveraged these signals to identify the companies he wanted to go after and then used the insights to hone in on the right decision-maker to contact.

Having the ability to get even more targeted in our messaging is one of the reasons Crunchbase is so helpful. We can quickly learn about a company, review insights that we can’t get anywhere else, and send tailored emails right to them without any additional work.

Kyle Rasmussen, Head of Revenue, Chat Metrics

Lastly, Crunchbase Pro solved the issue around not having a clear picture of a company’s tech stack. With access to a number of data partners such as G2 Stack, a company that reveals a company’s tech stack, and Bombora, a provider of buyer intent data, Rasmussen knew exactly which products prospects were using (and not using) and had a better understanding of who to prioritize.


In two short weeks, Rasmussen achieved a 400% increase in meetings booked with Crunchbase Pro all because he was able to reach the right companies and connect with the right decision-makers at scale.

On top of the increased meetings booked rate, Rasmussen saved a ton of time. Instead of spending countless hours reading media publications, scouring press releases, and wading through platforms like LinkedIn to research prospects, he had all the information he needed right in front of him. What used to take him all day now took only 5 minutes to complete.

With comprehensive private company information, Salesforce integration, contact data, the ability to email decision-makers without leaving the platform, and other useful capabilities, Rasmussen’s prospecting could be done using one solution. Jumping from tool to tool, tab to tab became a thing of the past.

Ultimately, with Crunchbase Pro, Rasmussen was able to work smarter not harder.

Crunchbase saves a ton of time, saves headaches, and makes sure that we are reaching out to the right people with the right message. It’s the only solution I’ve used that really helps you prospect all in one place.

Kyle Rasmussen, Head of Revenue, Chat Metrics

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers