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Raised a new round of funding



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Find Investors



About the Company

Dwellsy, a PropTech platform founded in early 2019, is democratizing the home and apartment rental market by making it easy to find rentals from the largest inventory ever assembled.


Developing the Right Services to Help Members Advance Their Careers

When Dwellsy launched, there wasn’t an existing pool of investors the company could tap into to scale growth. Instead, the CEO, Jonas Bordo, had to do what any leader does in this situation: scour the Internet for any information on venture capitalists and start reaching out in hopes of finding a match.

However, there was a problem. This type of research was challenging and time-consuming. And even when Bordo located potential venture capitalists, it was hard to determine if they invested in PropTech startups.

Bordo not only needed a way to find investors with a pre-existing interest in the PropTech space, but he also needed to do this at scale since raising capital is a numbers game.

When he stumbled upon Crunchbase Pro while researching the venture capital landscape, he found the tool that would enable him to do all that and more.


Leverage Crunchbase Pro to Quickly Identify the Right Investors

With a wealth of investment information in its database, including data sourced directly from over 4,000 investment firms, Crunchbase Pro had the exact type of information Bordo needed to accelerate his search for seed-stage investors.

Crunchbase Pro’s premium features gave Bordo direct access to a searchable database of highly detailed investor information, such as:

  • Number of investments made
  • Number of exits
  • What industries they invest in
  • What funding stages they invest in

These insights enabled Bordo to hone in on the investors who write checks to seed-stage startups in the PropTech space. He was also able to build lists within Crunchbase Pro that automatically updated with the most current information, such as recent investments. This allowed him to keep tabs on the investors he cared about without having to do manual research.

Combined with quick links to additional information, such as social media profiles, Bordo had the targeted investor data he needed at his fingertips.


Quickly Identified the Right Investors Leading to Raised Capital, 2-3 hours of Daily Research Time Saved, and More

Since using Crunchbase Pro to enhance his investor search, the platform has become an important part of Bordo’s workflow as he navigates the venture capital landscape. He uses the platform every day and relies on it to prepare for investor meetings.

As the CEO of a small but growing team, Bordo juggles multiple responsibilities. He can’t afford to waste valuable time researching investors when there are other items on the to-do list.

Thanks to using Crunchbase Pro, he was able to do three things:

  • Identify the right investors to connect with, which led to a successful capital raise
  • Get back 2-3 hours a day and use the freed-up time to focus on critical growth activities
  • Avoid wasting money hiring unnecessary roles

As Bordo explains, “Dwellsy is the place for renters to find their new home and Crunchbase Pro has been shockingly useful in finding investors who want to align with our vision, and doing it efficiently. The more I dig in, the more value I get out of it. I haven’t even had to look at other tools.”

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers