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About the Company

The California Technology Council (CTC) is an industry development organization serving innovators from all sectors in the state of California. The organization provides exclusive benefits, such as member-only discounts, and resources, such as certifications, that enable its members to find opportunities and advance their careers.


Developing the Right Services to Help Members Advance Their Careers

CTC’s business model is unique in that it identifies and develops services that help its members reach specific career goals. This is where the challenge starts.

As a company that serves a membership base, CTC has to stay on top of what’s happening in a number of established and emerging industries in order to develop the right resources for its members. This means they need to know industry trends, where investors are putting their money and which industries are growing, as well as a variety of other topics.

Unfortunately, much of the information the council needs isn’t covered extensively by the mainstream media and requires a significant amount of time to find and vet the relevant information and create some type of process to track changes.

In order for CTC to consistently develop value-adding services, it needed a solution that would surface opportunities and relevant insights to help guide the expansion of its growing suite of services in one place.


A More Efficient Way of Staying On Top of Industry News and Trends Critical for Business Growth

To create a more efficient way of staying on top of the information that mattered most to its business, the CTC team added Crunchbase Pro to its workflow. The council now has access to data on private companies, the people building them and the investors fueling their growth–all in one entirely searchable database.

Crunchbase Pro’s comprehensive private company information gave CTC a level of granularity that enabled them to proactively find, track, vet and analyze:

  • Investors’ latest investments
  • Emerging industries and trends
  • Companies raising new rounds of funding
  • Industry growth
  • New and prospective members

“In comparison to competing business intelligence tools, Crunchbase is leagues more capital efficient. It’s cost-effective, saves time, and is easy to use. We’ve found tremendous advantage in being able to self-select and apply filters to uncover insights.”

Matt Gardner, CEO, California Technology Council

With that level of granularity, CTC can make more informed decisions and develop services that inevitably create more value for its members, improves their experience and helps with membership retention.


A Significant Amount of Time Saved, Clearer Direction for New Services, and Added Member Value

For CTC, Crunchbase Pro has become a vital tool that its team uses every day, saving them a significant amount of time by having the data they care about in one location.

No more tirelessly scouring the internet to see what’s happening in specific industries or what under-the-radar investments are being made.

Instead, CTC can spend more time living in the future and determining what its members need based on where the market is going. This level of clarity enables the team to develop services that matter now and in the future.

Lastly, access to Crunchbase data gave CTC an opportunity to use this tool to share insights with members at events. Whether it was industries growing rapidly or a list of the top investment firms for a specific vertical, the company drove additional value for its members by sharing useful information they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

“We glean a lot from the data on how venture capitalists have been thinking over the last 3-5 years. All of this information–right at our fingertips–helps us understand the stage of growth and corresponding needs of new members that come in the door and new customers that we spot for the first time. Crunchbase Pro is incredible.”

Matt Gardner, CEO, California Technology Council

With the information that matters most at its fingertips, CTC is able to make the lives of its members easier every day as they look to advance their careers.

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