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Crunchbase Pro

Use Crunchbase Pro to identify the right prospects and discover your next business deal.

Tech Spend

Aberdeen provides insight into prospects' IT spend in order to refine targeting and prioritize leads.


Apptopia provides mobile app analytics on the Crunchbase platform to help you understand how a company's mobile app usage is growing.

Interest Signals

Bombora identifies what businesses are actively researching, providing intent data for sales prospecting.

Website Tech Stack

Find technologies that companies are built with, directly on the Crunchbase platform.

Company Tech Stack

Uncover the software products being used by companies, right on the Crunchbase platform.

Patents & Trademarks

IPqwery provides patent and trademark information for companies on Crunchbase.

Private Company Valuations

PrivCo provides U.S. private company valuations and growth signal data.

SEO Analytics

SEMrush is an SEO tool for keyword research and strategy to analyze and improve companies' online presence.

Trading Charts

TradingView produces charts with data for stocks, commodities, bitcoin, and more on Crunchbase.

Apptopia Lite

Apptopia Lite provides limited mobile app analytics on the Crunchbase platform to help you understand how a company's mobile apps' usage is growing.

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Government Filings

Engima is the leading repository of public data, providing companies' patent filings, visa applications, and more on Crunchbase.

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Stocks & Financials

FinancialContent is the trusted provider of stock market information, delivering timely trading data to Crunchbase.

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Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a digital library of historical website data, showing past web pages of companies on Crunchbase.

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Wikipedia Article Engagement

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that provides historical article engagement data on Crunchbase.