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Cut prospecting time by 60%



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About the Company

LinkSquares provides an end-to-end AI contract management system to legal and finance teams within the tech space.


As a sales enablement and training specialist at LinkSquares, Samuel Hall needed a way for his team to find prospects quickly. They had been manually searching for companies across many tools and websites, but this was a time-consuming process that often yielded out-of-date information. 

To solve this problem, his team needed an all-in-one prospecting platform so they could efficiently identify and qualify companies with buying power. Additionally, the team had a wide range of experience levels, so they needed a platform that was intuitive to navigate, easy to implement, and offered multiple prospecting features in a single place.


That’s when LinkSquares discovered Crunchbase. As soon as onboarding was complete, Hall’s team was able to uncover companies within their target market in seconds.

“Crunchbase surfaces information so quickly we don’t even have to think about going to look for it. My sales reps get immediate updates on funding rounds, acquisitions, and hot companies. Crunchbase helps them drill down and see what’s happening in their territory, while also highlighting the high-priority organizations that they want to go after.”  -Samuel Hall, Sales Enablement & Training Specialist, LinkSquares

Hall particularly likes that his team can conduct granular searches based on their ideal customer profile. They’re able to identify companies that were recently acquired or hired new leadership—trigger events that indicate when organizations might be in need of LinkSquare’s contract management system. By finding companies that fall under these criteria, they can prioritize accounts that are most likely to buy.

They also use Crunchbase to get quick snapshots of potential opportunities. The Crunchbase homepage displays a personalized list of trending companies within their territories, while the recommendations feature automatically surfaces relevant accounts based on machine learning-generated suggestions. This ultimately saves his team prospecting time while helping them instantly uncover new, qualified companies and contacts. 

On top of that, Crunchbase helps Hall’s team track the companies they care about and keep tabs on their accounts. When they uncover qualified prospects, they send them directly from Crunchbase to their Salesforce CRM. Then, they set custom email alerts to get updates about buy signals and other industry news, which helps them prioritize high-growth companies in their outreach.

As an added bonus, Hall finds that Crunchbase is such an intuitive tool that he’s able to onboard new reps with ease. As a result, his team is able to scale their prospecting efforts and find qualified leads in a matter of minutes.


Hall estimates that his team has cut the time it takes to qualify accounts by more than 60% thanks to Crunchbase’s quick, intuitive search and automated prospecting features. 

“Crunchbase eliminates searching for a needle in a haystack, helping us block out the noise and go after the companies that matter. Over half of the new accounts in our sales team’s pipeline now come from Crunchbase because we can find everything we need to know in under 60 seconds.”  -Samuel Hall, Sales Enablement & Training Specialist, LinkSquares 

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