At Crunchbase, we recognize that not all innovators have equal access to opportunities, and their ideas–no matter how great–may not have the same chances to break through. 

That’s why we joined Pledge 1% in 2018 and have since donated at least 1 percent of our product, equity and employee time to help support nonprofits working to close the opportunity gap. To further our impact and provide additional resources to support the communities where our employees live and work, we’ve also created the Crunchbase Pro Bono Licensing Initiative. 


Do More Good With The Help Of Crunchbase Pro

With the Crunchbase Pro Bono Licensing Initiative, eligible community organizations (501(c)(3) or equivalent non-profit status) can get all the benefits of Crunchbase Pro, for free. 

You and your organization will be able to discover and engage with more potential corporate sponsors than ever before. 

Growing your reach and accomplishing more meaningful change is made easier with expansive features including:

  • Advanced search: With unlimited search features, find companies that align with your mission and values.
  • Diversity Spotlight: Use company diversity data as a filter, particularly for nonprofits with racial and ethnicity clients or students.
  • Data visualization: Analyze trends with charts on Crunchbase company profiles to see if a company is in an appropriate position for potential sponsorship.
  • Personalized alerts: Get customized alerts on the companies and news you care about for more meaningful engagement with companies.

Crunchbase is here to help and support you in your world-changing initiatives, whether you use Crunchbase Pro within your organization to assist in your own due diligence and outreach process, or share it with those going through your program to help them complete a project or find their next opportunity.

If you, or the organization you work with, are interested in applying for the Crunchbase Pro Bono Licensing Initiative, all eligible community organizations are invited to complete and return this application form.

Have questions about the program? Reach out to Halee Morgan, Corporate Social Responsibility Associate at Crunchbase:

  • Originally published September 4, 2020, updated October 27, 2020