The Crunchbase Data Difference

Crunchbase is the highest quality source of company data – thanks to our unique approach to data collection.


The Largest Investor Network

Crunchbase has more than 3,700 global investment firms that submit monthly portfolio updates to Crunchbase. This relationship ensures Crunchbase has firsthand access to the most up-to-date information.

Active Community Contributors

Our community of executives, entrepreneurs, and investors actively contributes to Crunchbase company profile pages. This community ensures that our dataset is always growing and improving.

AI and Machine Learning Enrichment

Crunchbase has artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that validate data accuracy, scan for anomalies, and alert our data science team of conflicts in the data.

The Human Touch: Our Data Team

Crunchbase global data analysts are the experts who provide manual data validation and curation. Our Data Science team also analyzes key interconnections in our data to develop algorithms, and provide valuable insights.

"Crunchbase is like the holy grail for market research, especially for start-ups like us."

Manohar K., Business Development Manager, AppVirality

"If it’s not in Crunchbase, it’s not worthy of bringing to the attention of our clients. That’s important to us, because finding innovative companies sits at the heart of our brand."

Annette T., Founder and CEO, The Innovation Scout

"Crunchbase data integrity is second to none."

Charlie L., Director of Marketing, Engagio

"When people think about funding and VCs, they think of Crunchbase. We knew if we purchased Crunchbase Data we'd have a trusted partner to build our ongoing credibility."

Ilya S., Founder and CEO, Datanyze

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