Crunchbase Pro:

Find and Close Deals Faster with
Intelligent, All-in-one Prospecting

Discover, qualify and connect with key decision-makers at companies with buying power.

Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities

Finding qualified leads can be time-consuming and frustrating. Use Crunchbase
Pro’s automated prospecting, personalized insights, and key integrations with
sales tools to save valuable time and boost your pipeline.

Find target companies at scale

  • Advanced Search: Surface companies that match your ICP, leverage buy signals to identify prospects ready to purchase, and keep tabs on them with alerts.
  • Recommendations: Discover new prospects with recommendations based on your territory, lists and unique activity within Crunchbase.
  • Similar Companies: See similar accounts and possible competitors on company profiles, along with relevant insights like company size, location and revenue range so you can quickly qualify.
  • CRM integrations: Identify companies that are already in your CRM and those that are new. Once qualified, push new accounts from Crunchbase to Salesforce or HubSpot in one click.

Leverage contact data to find
the right people at target

  • Searchable contact data: Use filters like “job title” to surface the right people to connect with, and export contacts that you’ve viewed to perform your own analysis.
  • CRM integrations: Push contacts from Crunchbase to Salesforce or HubSpot, including fields like name, company, title, phone and email to automate your workflow.
  • Assured compliance: Crunchbase contact data is refreshed monthly, reviewed by our team of data experts, and monitored for compliance with industry regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.

Connect with decision-makers without leaving Crunchbase

  • Take action when it matters: Ensure your outreach is timely and relevant by using Crunchbase signals and alerts to know when your prospect is in a position to buy.
  • Suggested templates and snippets: Cut through the noise by using intelligent email templates tailored to your prospects, or add snippets that integrate Crunchbase insights into your existing outreach.

Generated a 400% Increase in Meetings Booked

“Having the ability to get even more targeted in our messaging is one of the reasons Crunchbase is so helpful. We can quickly learn about a company, review insights that we can’t get anywhere else, and send tailored emails right to them without any additional work.”

Kyle Rasmussen, Head of Revenue

Qualifies Accounts 3x Faster Than Before

“We save an immense amount of time by using Crunchbase Pro. Our teams spend a fraction of the time they used to on research, lead generation, and qualification, and it’s benefited our entire business.”

Charlie L., Director of Marketing

Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities

Find companies

Add up to 38 search filters to find results based on unique criteria.

Track and monitor

Get custom alerts on the industries and companies that matter to you.

Send outreach right from Crunchbase

Send pre-built, intelligent email templates tailored to your prospects.

Sync accounts seamlessly
with your CRM

Save accounts directly to Salesforce or HubSpot and see which ones are already there.

Take advantage of
premium partnerships

Augment searches with intent, tech stack and other data from our partners.

Don’t overpay for
prospecting tools

Find the solution that suits your budget and team size, with a free trial to test it out.