Use Data to Identify the Latest Industry Trends

Research industry trends and hot newcomers with live data. Identify innovative companies with our dynamic tools and rich insights.

Track Industry Trends

Identify upcoming market trends before your competitors. As a live company database, Crunchbase is updated constantly. We ensure you and your team have access to the freshest information and newest company insights.

Innovative teams and leaders in market research rely on Crunchbase’s best-in-class private company data to build powerful internal databases and research insights in respective industries.

Access Live Company Data

Monitor and identify industry trends as they happen. See how much companies in a certain industry are raising and who are the leading players with our global coverage on companies ranging from pre-seed to late-stage. Automatically get recommended companies sent to you based on your activity within Crunchbase.

Data in a Flexible Format

Import a list of companies you’re researching and Crunchbase will find their information for you. Complete industry-specific landscape analysis with live information on funding rounds,  acquisitions, location, and industry.

Discover the Next Innovative Trend

Market researchers and innovation teams from leading companies power their internal research daily with Crunchbase data.

Learn More About Crunchbase Solutions

Crunchbase Starter

Fuel your research with best-in-class company information. Access:

  • Advanced search
  • Custom lists
  • Alerts in your email & activity feed

Crunchbase Pro

Unlock Crunchbase’s full suite of prospecting features fueled by sales intelligence. Access:

  • Verified contact data
  • Engagement suite
  • Export to CSV (5K rows/ month)
  • Salesforce integration
  • Account recommendations
  • Shared notes & tags
  • Team admin features

Crunchbase Enterprise

Get Crunchbase in the hands of your entire sales team and easily add new users as headcount grows. Get:

  • All the features in Crunchbase Pro
  • As many contacts as you need across an entire team
  • Unlimited exports
  • Salesforce Enrichment & API accessibility
  • Dedicated success manager