Supercharge Crunchbase with Partner Data

Access exclusive data from industry-trusted partners, only available with Crunchbase Pro and Enterprise.

Add Data Boost
to Your Crunchbase Experience

Unlock 55+ search filters and new business insights with our premium data bundle.


Uplevel your prospecting with advanced filters for company tech stack, growth signals, website data and IT budget sizes.


Conduct more robust research on software adoption trends, patent and trademark information, and more.


Refine your targeting strategy with deeper insights into company needs, including their technology and budget.


Pinpoint where to invest with exclusive private company data, including valuation, revenue, growth signals, tech stack, and patent and trademark information.

Looking for even more data?

Unlock advanced mobile insights with Apptopia.

Access exclusive mobile app intelligence, plus 38 extra data fields within Crunchbase.


  • Find qualified leads from companies with top
    ranked apps
  • Monitor macro app trends
  • Invest in companies with the highest monthly app growth rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What data partners are included in Data Boost?

Aberdeen, Builtwith, G2 Stack, IPQwery, and PrivCo are all included in the Data Boost bundle.

Is Apptopia included in the Data Boost bundle?

No, Apptopia is not included in the Data Boost bundle. Apptopia is the only data add-on that can be purchased on its own. You can purchase Apptopia here when you have Crunchbase Pro or Enterprise.

Can I purchase a single data product instead of opting for the Data Boost bundle?

No, the data partners included in Data Boost must be purchased together.

What is the difference between Data Boost and Apptopia?

When you purchase Data Boost, you’ll unlock 55+ new data fields, including tech stack, global traffic rank, product change percentage and more. When you purchase Apptopia, you’ll unlock exclusive mobile app intelligence and 38 new Crunchbase data fields. 

How do I purchase Data Boost?

You can purchase Data Boost as a monthly add-on to your existing Crunchbase Pro subscription. If you don’t have Crunchbase Pro, you can subscribe to Crunchbase Pro with Data Boost.

How much does Data Boost cost?

Current Crunchbase Pro users can purchase Data Boost as an annual subscription for $360 ($30/month). If you are not a Crunchbase Pro user, you can add Data Boost for $35/month when you sign up for a Crunchbase Pro trial.

How do I purchase Apptopia?

You can purchase Apptopia here when you have Crunchbase Pro or Enterprise. 

How much does Apptopia cost?

Apptopia is $49 / month and is billed annually (at $588 / year). It is not offered for purchase monthly.

Is partner data worth it if I already have Crunchbase Pro?

Data Boost and Apptopia give you even more in-depth Crunchbase Pro data. These additional filters will give you a deeper understanding of the market and a 360-degree view of your target audience. 

Is Crunchbase Pro required before I purchase Data Boost or Apptopia?

You must have Crunchbase Pro or Crunchbase Enterprise in order to access Data Boost. If you don’t have Crunchbase Pro yet, you can subscribe to Crunchbase Pro and bundle with Data Boost

How often does the data within Data Boost get updated?

Data within Data Boost is typically updated monthly. You can find the date of the most recent update on the bottom left of each partner data card. 

Where can I see Data Boost or Apptopia data on profiles?

After purchasing Data Boost or Apptopia, you can see the data via the Technology tab on Crunchbase company profiles.

How do I apply data partner filters in Crunchbase search?

After purchasing Data Boost or Apptopia, you can access the new search filters under the Partner Filters section in advanced search.

Where can I see all of this data in Crunchbase Pro and Enterprise?

Once you purchase Data Boost or Apptopia with a Crunchbase Pro or Enterprise subscription, you can immediately access Partner Filters in Advanced Search and Query Builder. You will also see insights on the Technology and Financials tab of a company’s profile. Learn more in our Knowledge Center.