Crunchbase + for Startups, Inc. Partner to Expand Data on Japan

Crunchbase and for Startups have partnered to share information on Japanese companies to the global startup community. Founded in 2016, for Startups promotes the growth industry in Japan by supporting leading startup ventures and entrepreneurs.

Through this partnership, Crunchbase will add the most innovative and well-funded Japan tech startups from for Startups’ information platform, STARTUP DB. for Startups will use Crunchbase data to produce insights on global startup ecosystems.

“Startup companies in Japan have been less known by most global professionals because there has been no platform in English sharing the same information of startup companies in Japan. We hope that this partnership will provide global opportunities for cross-border alliance and investment and will accelerate the growth of startup companies.” – Yuichiro Shimizu, CEO, for Startups

Crunchbase and Startup DB

Japan tech startups have raised several significant rounds of funding this year, including:

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  • Originally published July 17, 2019