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Announcing the CrunchBase API v3.0
Apr 25, 2015 by Kurt Freytag

We’re happy to announce the v3.0 release of the CrunchBase API and a brand new CrunchBase Data Hub. What’s new in v3.0? Significantly faster collections endpoints No more date bugs in sort orders! Additional data on every item to reduce query burden Consistency of data types across the service The API now provides access to…

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CrunchBase Launches the CrunchBase Open Data Map
Oct 02, 2014 by Matt Kaufman

The CrunchBase Dataset powers many well known applications including Mattermark, Datafox, and now the upcoming version of Evernote. We’re thrilled each time a partner integrates the CrunchBase Dataset and today we’re launching the CrunchBase Open Data Map to make integration of CrunchBase easier than ever. The CrunchBase Open Data Map is our answer to anyone…

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API News : Search and Filter Organizations!
Aug 14, 2014 by Kurt Freytag

On June 24th of this year, we released v2 of the CrunchBase API. Since that release, we’ve had over 2,800 developers sign up. Our ongoing dialog with this fantastic community has helped us identify issues and prioritize our API product roadmap. Above all, developers want smarter ways to access Organization information. Until today, the only way to get…

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CrunchBase API v2.0 Released
Jun 24, 2014 by Kurt Freytag

Today, we (finally) released version 2.0 of the CrunchBase API. We originally released the 2.0 API into beta on May 3rd to gather feedback from the developer community. The response has been fantastic; over 1,800 developers have signed-up, and we’ve received a ton of feedback on both format and features. Today’s release is about completing the foundation of the 2.0 API. We planned to…

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CrunchBase API v2.0 – Beta Feedback
May 16, 2014 by Kurt Freytag

On Sunday, May 4th, we released v2.0 of the CrunchBase API into beta. The response from our developer community has been fantastic; developers and partners have registered over 700 applications in the past 10 days and feedback has been pouring into The goal of our beta is to gather as much input from the community as possible before we…

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CrunchBase API v2.0 Beta Period Begins
May 03, 2014 by Kurt Freytag

Earlier today we launched the CrunchBase API v2.0 providing real-time access to the CrunchBase Dataset.  Although the API is in a mostly-final form, we are releasing it as a Beta to provide the opportunity for developers and partners to share feedback and comments. We know that once an API is launched in a final form, any fundamental…

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