Anti-Racism Action Plan: Crunchbase’s Commitment to Fighting Systemic Racism

Crunchbase is committed to taking an active role in fighting racism inside and outside of our company. We believe that doing better as a company requires more than setting diversity targets or simply saying we support the Black community – actions speak louder than words. Our company’s mission is to democratize access to opportunity, and fighting racism is a key part of this journey. 

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” –Angela Y. Davis

We’ve created an initial anti-racism plan of action for Crunchbase with specific steps targeted at dismantling racist systems. We are committed to taking sustained actions and assessing the ways in which we operate on an ongoing basis. We will hold ourselves accountable by making this a part of our quarterly business planning and grading processes (OKRs). 

This plan is a living document, and it sets the foundation for further diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that span beyond race and ethnicity as well. We will continue to add ideas and track progress against our actions so we can see changes and opportunities over time.  

Anti-racism is a journey. Justice is the goal.” –Kyana Wheeler

We know there are other startups that are also eager to make a difference, and while we are just getting started, we hope that this plan can serve as a reference. We believe that companies of any size can take meaningful steps in the fight against racism. We are early in our journey and hope to collaborate and learn from others–we do not have all the answers, but we are committed to progress.

To be anti-racist is a radical choice in the face of history, requiring a radical reorientation of our consciousness.” –Ibram X. Kendi

Here is our high-level diversity action plan:

We are also tracking specific actions that we’re considering for each action area. We have them sorted by status from review through to completion. If you have questions or suggestions about our plan please let us know

Commitments and action ideas:

  • Originally published June 23, 2020, updated May 23, 2022