We’re excited to announce that you can now access Crunchbase for Salesforce with Crunchbase Enterprise, giving you access to real-time company data right in your Salesforce.

Sales teams can now automatically contextualize prospects to prioritize their pipeline and identify key buy signals. Discover opportunities by customizing alerts regarding important milestones and growth signals of prospects.

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monitor buy signals

Leverage Crunchbase’s dynamic company data to develop tailored workflows and get notified of key growth signals and milestones. Reach out to prospects and existing accounts with context to start productive conversations.

enrich your accounts and leads

Surface key buy signals with actionable company data and skip time consuming manual entry by auto-populating company profile information.

better funding information

Get access to the most accurate funding information in the market. Thousands of funding rounds and activities are added weekly by the Crunchbase global network of partners and contributors.

surface opportunities

Know when customers are ready to buy, and leverage recent news and activities to keep tabs on prospects, re-engage cold leads, or upsell current customers.

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  • Originally published June 20, 2017, updated April 26, 2023