Data Scrubbing and Enrichment, Simplified


With Crunchbase Enterprise: leverage Crunchbase data to enrich your database, make data scrubbing easy, ensure good data hygiene, and give your team access to the company information they need to spot opportunities.





Easy Data Scrubbing and Enrichment

Don’t let bad data hygiene – or lack of data altogether – hold your team back. Leverage Crunchbase to fill in missing company information, or add new data to accounts in your database without all the manual work.

Data scrubbing made easy


Enrich data

Access Actionable Company Information

Get new funding rounds, employee size, and more. Crunchbase’s comprehensive data enables your team to spot opportunities before the competition can.


Seamless Integration With Your Database

Boost your team’s efficiency by bringing Crunchbase data into your database or CRM using REST API, Salesforce integration, or bulk CSV export.

Seamless data integration



Your Competitive Advantage is a Click Away


with Crunchbase Enterprise










“Within the first month of having the Crunchbase Salesforce Integration, they were able to significantly reduce prospecting time and easily create personalized messages to better connect with their ideal buyer.”

Margaret Weniger, Director of Sales, SaaSOptics




What You Get with Crunchbase Enterprise



Salesforce Integration

Get valuable company data and news that’s always up-to-date right in your Salesforce instance.

API Access

Connect Crunchbase to your CRM and pump in valuable data using Crunchbase’s API.

Bulk Exports

Perform your own analysis of the Crunchbase data with Excel or CSV downloads.





Get Crunchbase Pro as an Added Bonus


When you purchase Crunchbase Enterprise, you also receive Crunchbase Pro licenses. With Pro you can:

  • Access Crunchbase data via our easy-to-use website and advanced Pro search functionality
  • Get insights to help you make business decisions
  • Stay up to date on industry trends by following companies you care about, and receiving automatic email alerts when new events happen




“Without access to Crunchbase Enterprise, we would not be able to do the industry-specific landscape analysis our clients need.”

Stephane R., Senior Knowledge Expert, Oliver Wyman