The CrunchBase Venture Program now includes over 1,000 venture firms, incubators, and accelerators.  Together these firms have backed 14,000 companies through 21,000 funding rounds totaling $170 billion in investment.  The phenomenal growth of the venture program and the volume of data pouring into CrunchBase every day is a resounding affirmation in our belief that there needs to be one universal database tracking entrepreneurial activity.

We are particularly excited to see growth in our international coverage.  Already, over 30% of the venture program members are outside the United States and we continue to be focused on growing our coverage around the world.

If you are an investment firm that is not already part of the CrunchBase Venture Program, please consider joining.  The program is free to join and helps everyone in the startup community.

  • Originally published September 10, 2014, updated April 26, 2023