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Stay ahead of your competition with Crunchbase Pro. With the leading discovery and analysis tools built on the Crunchbase platform, create dynamic searches and custom lists to identify industry trends and insights.

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discover new opportunities

Discover new companies, people, and deals that match your business needs and Crunchbase will notify you when there are new search results so you’re always in the know.

With crunchbase pro you can search for:


customize and monitor crunchbase

Continuously discover and keep up with the companies, people, and deals you care about with customized email alerts based on your saved searches and lists.

focus on what’s most important

Use Crunchbase Rank, Trending Score, and Statistics to prioritize your time and focus on the things that matter to you.

product features

dynamic searches

Quickly create in-depth searches of the Crunchbase dataset and automatically learn of new matches over time

custom lists

Build lists of specific companies that you can share and follow

automated monitoring and email alerts

Configure email alerts on your lists and searches based on when new entities are added or when there is news on specific topics

shareable searches and lists

Create unique URLs for sharing with colleagues or with the world

analysis tools right in your search results

Drill into search results to see the interconnections between entities as well as quick analysis of numerical columns

export search results to csv to do in-depth analysis

Perform your own analysis in a flexible format

crunchbase rank for companies, people, and deals

Crunchbase algorithms rank companies by recent activity, funds raised, and number of connections so you can quickly see what matters most in real time

access trend lists to quickly focus on what’s moving quickly

Crunchbase trends for companies, people, and deals show which have had the most rank change over time

no ads

Pro users will never have ads that get in the way

If you are interested in purchasing more than 20 Crunchbase Pro licenses, we’re happy to help!