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Track and Monitor the Companies You Care About

Make more informed business decisions with Crunchbase’s best-in-class data and actionable insights.

Crunchbase advanced search

Use firmographic company information, funding data, and select partner data to easily find companies that fit your specific criteria.

Track and monitor company activity with automatic updates

Create custom lists to keep track of the companies you’re interested in and get automatic updates to monitor their latest activity, like raising a new round of funding.

Crunchbase company alerts

Leverage rich company data to inform business decisions

Learn more about the companies you’re monitoring by digging into their profiles, which features key highlights, recent news and activity, and firmographic, funding and partner data.

“Crunchbase is a key part of our research because of its depth and breadth around high-growth companies, and now we can search with Crunchbase’s feature-rich UI.”

– Dan Weiner, CEO, RevelOne

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