What is Social Authentication?

Crunchbase Pro FAQ

What is Social Authentication?

Crunchbase is a crowdsourced platform meaning that profiles on Crunchbase are not affiliated with any one user account and that registered community members can make contributions or edits to almost any profile. In an effort to verify a user’s true identity and maintain the quality of the Crunchbase platform, we require members to authenticate with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter if they would like to make changes to the Crunchbase dataset.

Note: It is not required to provide a social authentication to use Crunchbase Pro. You are only required to provide a social authentication if you would like to contribute or make modifications to the Crunchbase dataset.

How to add / remove social authentication?

To add or remove any of your social authentications, click on your account image or name in the upper right hand corner, then select My Account. Here, under Account Information, click on the box that says Social Authentication. A box regarding all your social authentications (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) will appear.


To turn a specific social authentication on, slide the button associated with that social platform to the right and enter in your login information for that social platform. Once your login has been authenticated, you will see the icon lit up as green. To turn off social authentication for any social platform, slide the button for that specific social platform to the left. Once you have finished setting your social authentications, click the Done button.