Working with Search Results

Crunchbase Pro FAQ

Why can I only see 1,000 results?

While you may generate a search that has over 1,000 entity results, you are only able to see up to 1,000 entity results in the Pro application. This is a data limitation that has been implemented for Pro as there are other Crunchbase products in the Crunchbase suite that allow access to the entire Crunchbase dataset. If you are interested in learning more about products that allow access to the entire Crunchbase dataset, please visit our solutions page

Can I export my results?

Yes, you are able to export your results to a CSV file. Simply click on the Export icon in the upper righthand corner and select Export to CSV. This will export your results to a CSV file giving you the ability to perform your own analysis or use our data in your internal tools.


What is “Show Statistics”?

The “Show Statistics” feature allows you to see quick statistical calculations on columns related to numbers (e.g. funding information), rank, and score. Simply click on the Show Statistics button to see statistics for your results. If you edit your search filters, these statistical calculations will automatically update with the newly generated results allowing for quick in app comparisons. You can also change the type of calculations (e.g. Total, Average, Max, etc.) by clicking on the green arrow on the bottom of the screen.


What is the default order when results are displayed?

By default, search results are ordered by the Crunchbase Rank in ascending order. You can always edit the way results are sorted by clicking on the arrow next to the column header.