My Searches

Crunchbase Pro FAQ

What is the “My Searches” page?

The “My Searches” page is where you’ll find all searches that you have saved in Crunchbase Pro. In this page, you will be able to quickly see various information related to each saved search, such as the type of search, the number of search results, and the number of newly added results. In addition, you’ll also be able to configure the settings of your saved search, such as the frequency of your alerts.


Why do I want to save my search?

Saving your search allows you to track and monitor – in real-time – entities that fall within the search criteria that you’ve defined for your search, ensuring you are always up-to-date on the areas that you care most about.
For example, let’s say you’ve set up your alerts to notify you of new entity that matches your search. Whenever Crunchbase Pro detects a new entity that matches the parameters you searched for, you’ll get an email alert letting you know a new entity has been added for that saved search.

How do I save a search?

To save a search, first create a search query with your desired search criteria and run the search. Once that’s done, you can save this specific search and the respective search parameters by clicking on the Save icon in the upper right hand corner.

If this is a new search, you can click Save and then name your search. If you are working off an existing search and have made changes to the search parameters, you can either click Save to save these new changes to the existing search or you can click Save As to save the changed search parameters as a new search and retain the original search.


Are my saved searches public or private?

When you save a search, it will always be defaulted to private unless you opt to make them public. You can always change the privacy setting of a specific saved search by clicking on the Settings icon for a specific search and then the Edit Name/Alerts button.

How do I make my saved search public?

To make a saved search public, simply click on the Settings tool next to a saved search and click on the Edit Name/Alerts button. Then click on the Make URL Shareable checkbox and press Save. Once you’ve done this, you can copy the URL from the browser and share it with anyone you like.

Note: You must save a search before it can be shared. Additionally, when you shared a saved search, others can see the search criteria and the results.

How can I set email alerts for searches?

To set email alerts for your search, go to My Searches on the left hand navigation panel. Locate the search that you would like to set email alerts for and click the Settings icon. Next click on the Edit Name/Alerts button. Here you can set the type of events that you would like to get alerts for and the cadence of your email alerts.