My Lists

Crunchbase Pro FAQ

What is the “My Lists” page?

The “My Lists” page allows you to track and monitor the entities that you care most about in an organized, handpicked manner. You get to chose what lists you want to create and you get to select which entities that go into a specific list, including creating a list that is comprised of multiple entity types. Lists will never change unless you decide to add or delete entities from that list yourself. This is a great way to keep track of a set list of entities in an easy contained manner.


How do I create a list?

There are two ways to create a list in Crunchbase Pro.

First method: Go to My Lists on the left hand navigation bar and click on the Create New List button. A pop up will appear where you can name your new list. When you click the Create button at the bottom of the pop up, it will bring you to your newly created list. Here you can use the Quick Add field to search for entities that you would like to add to your list.

Second method: Start by creating a list from your search results. After you’ve generate the results from a search, you can then select the entities that you would like to add to a list by checking the box to the left of the entity name. Once you have selected all entities that you would like to add, click the Add To List button and select whether you want to add these entities to a new list or an existing list.