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You are logged in on multiple devices. Working on a team? We’ve got you covered! Get everyone their own Crunchbase Pro account and hit your goals, faster.

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Find and close more deals with individual Crunchbase Pro accounts

Find more prospects in your territory

Have every team member create and save searches customized to their ideal customer profile (ICP) and territory, and they’ll get alerts on new accounts automatically.

Qualify leads, faster

Give each team member the ability to research leads, save accounts directly to their individual Salesforce under their name, and collaborate with each other using notes and tags.

Reach out at the right time

Stay on top of accounts with personalized alerts on funding and news for each team member.

Want to share your saved
searches and lists with
everyone on your team?

Find and close the right deals

Don’t let business deals pass you by because you’re working with tools that don’t meet your needs. Find new prospects, investors, partners, and more with Crunchbase’s sales intelligence software.