How to hit your end of year sales goals

It's Crunchtime. How to Meet Your End of Year Sales Goals.

Looking at your fourth quarter sales forecast and strategizing how to reach your quota can require an all-out blitz. Between the holidays and the excessive PTO your leads seem to be taking, hitting your end of year sales goals requires a bit of planning, prioritization, and dedication. 


Here’s a comprehensive guide to make sure you meet those ambitious end of year sales goals and targets.

What You'll Learn

time-management Tips for EOY

We review best practices in time management for the end of the year.

Sales prospectings best practices

Refrain from these big don'ts when sales prospecting to hit your end of year sales goals

Prioritization in Crunchtime

Must-know prioritization hacks to master reaching out at the right time.

How to Close the Deal Quickly

What to include (and not include) in your closing call.

eBook on how to hit your end of year sales goals by Crunchbase

Everything You need to get Hit Your end-of-year Sales Goals

Make sure you hit your end-of-year sales quota so you can enjoy your holidays. In this guide we will review:

  • Time management and prospecting in a time crunch
  • Prioritization of prospects and how to reach out
  • Following up with prospects and closing the deal

Who is Crunchbase?

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