Marketplace: How does it work?

Add a Marketplace app

Choose the data that interests you. When you add an app from Marketplace, you’ll boost your Crunchbase experience with:

  • Additional data on company profile pages
  • New search filters to refine targeting in search
  • Unique data columns to compare companies with

Enhance profile pages

Scroll down company profile pages to see newly added data from the app of your choice.

  • Dig in to a prospect’s tech stack and tailor your pitch with Siftery.
  • Add SimilarWeb to see a company’s web traffic growth over time.
  • Much, much more!

Get unique search filters

Apply unique search filters and discover opportunities in a whole new way:

  • Find potential leads who have stopped using a competitor in the last 6 months with Siftery.
  • Assess the top-ranked apps in your market with Apptopia.
  • Discover customers using complementary technologies with BuiltWith.
  • See what else you can do with SimilarWebBombora, and more!

Compare companies in one view

Pinpoint the most qualified leads or investors by analyzing new app data across a list of companies.

After running a Crunchbase Pro search, add the columns that interest you to do a quick and easy comparison.

Ready to dive in?