Licensing Policy (Prior to December 12, 2013)


CrunchBase is a user contributed global resource of the Tech industry profiling the people, companies and venture capital that make up this community. is operated by CrunchBase.

We permit anyone to republish our content in accordance with this licensing policy.

We provide CrunchBase’s content under the Creative Commons Attribution License [CC-BY]. Our content includes structured data, overviews and media files associated with companies and people. Our schema, and documentation are also offered under the Creative Commons license.

We ask that API users link back to CrunchBase from any pages that use CrunchBase data. We want to make sure that everyone is able to find the source of the content to keep the service up-to-date and accurate.

This Licensing Policy may be updated from time to time as our services change and grow. If you have any questions about this policy please contact us at

CrunchBase provides a specific licensing contract for services that charge for the use of their data. Contact


Contributing to CrunchBase

By uploading data and media files to CrunchBase, you grant permission to CrunchBase and other sites to access under the conditions of Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) and that third parties will provide attribution by linking to CrunchBase.

You should not upload media files that cannot be offered under CC-BY or another compatible license.

Any time you assign a free license such as CC-BY to a Media File you agree that when third parties reuse this file, they should again provide attribution by linking back to CrunchBase.


Guidelines on Attribution

We ask that API users link back to CrunchBase from any pages that use CrunchBase data. There are two types of attribution; the type that is appropriate for you will depend on how you are using the data.

1) Single Entity Data

When you are using data from a specific CrunchBase entity in your app, please link to that entity’s CrunchBase page using a snippet of the following form:

Source: <a href=”” title=”NAME on Crunchbase”>NAME on Crunchbase</a>

This allows your visitors to find the source data and contribute improvements to the CrunchBase community. The attribution will look like:

Source: Twitter on Crunchbase

2) Multiple Entity Data

When you are referencing data from many entities or aggregating data across the site, please link to the CrunchBase homepage using the following HTML snippet:

Source: <a href=”” title=”Crunchbase”>Crunchbase</a>
The attribution will look like:

Source: CrunchBase


Special Cases

If these attribution guidelines will not be practical for you to follow, please let us know by e-mailing We can discuss alternate approaches. Exceptions must be granted in advance in writing by CrunchBase.

Ultimately, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are in full compliance with the license terms whenever they reuse CrunchBase content.


Media Licenses

Media Files in CrunchBase are offered under a variety of license terms.

A specific free license (CC-BY, GFDL, or one of many other free licenses)
Public Domain terms (the file has no copyright restrictions and anyone can freely use it)
Fair Use terms (the file is a copyrighted work, displayed in CrunchBase under the terms of Fair Use)
Like all of the content in CrunchBase, Media Files can be uploaded and edited by anyone with an Internet connection and are not subject to monitoring by the CrunchBase staff. As such, CrunchBase cannot guarantee that the licensing associated with any particular Media File is accurate or complete. If you find a Media File in CrunchBase that you believe is incorrectly marked, we encourage you to correct the licensing information yourself.


Other Elements of the Site

The graphical layout of the CrunchBase website and other elements of the Site, Content or Service not described above are the copyright of CrunchBase, and may not be reproduced without permission.