Cold Email Newly Funded Companies

Sales Leader Playbook: How to Cold Email Newly Funded Companies

Targeting a company that has recently raised a new round of funding is a great way of generating potential business. However, with new capital comes an influx of competitors all vying for a piece of their budget.
The good news is that there are tactics your team can deploy to cut through the noise. Download this guide to learn what they are and how to put them into action.

What's Inside

Anatomy of an Effective Cold Sales Email

See examples of the tactics covered in this guide in action.

5 Cold Email Tactics for Better Results

Learn five tactics that turn newly funded companies into customers.

Why Email Personalization is Important

Get the facts on email personalization and its impact on performance.

How to cold email newly funded companies

Actionable Cold Emailing Tips for Sales Teams

Get key insights on:

  • What makes an effective cold sales email
  • The metrics that should be tracked to measure performance
  • What email personalization looks like

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