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Keep track of the companies that matter to you with “My Follows.” Maintain a personalized list in your Crunchbase account to check in easily.

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Set email alerts on your My Follows list to learn when they have updates on funding, investor activity, or make headlines. Choose the type of alerts you want, and how often you want them.

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View additional data like web traffic and mobile app downloads on profile pages, and search with exclusive filters.

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Sift through the Crunchbase dataset by adding specific search filters. Find specialized lists of companies like, Specific category of companies with funding in the last year and Series B and C companies in a specific industry.

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"I think the accessibility and the level of data Crunchbase provides is second to none. I love that you have the most complete and accurate data out there."

Charlie L., Director of Marketing, Engagio

"Crunchbase is like the holy grail for market research, especially for start-ups like us."

Manohar K., Business Development, AppVirality

"We save a lot of time by building granular searches, and can more easily create strategic market maps that our clients can use to grow from."

Dan W., Co-Founder, RevelOne