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Search for investors and scale your business with Crunchbase Pro.

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Say Goodbye to Stressful Funding Rounds

Raising capital is an entrepreneurs’ mission critical job, but VC money is a finite resource. Identify active investors in your sector with Crunchbase Pro.

Investors want to fund startups, but finding the perfect match takes time

Thousands of startups are looking to secure funding. There is money available, but it’s hard to know where to find investors and if they are interested in companies at your investment stage.

Existing networking solutions are expensive, manual, and incomplete

Other solutions may produce a list of potential investors in your geographic region, but they don’t provide dynamic industry information, track funding trends, or suggest new investors.

Getting funding from angel investors, venture capitalists, and accelerators

When you’re unable to raise venture capital, your business can’t grow

Don’t let your company’s next funding milestone pass you by because you’re working with tools that don’t meet your needs.

Get Funding Faster, Keep Tabs on the Competition,
and Grow Your Business

Crunchbase’s in-depth funding data and advanced search features give you the tools you need to find investors and secure your next round—from seed funding to Series A, B, C and more. 

Launch a startup with angel investors

Find the right investors and people to achieve your business goals

We provide criteria to help you uncover investors whose investment portfolios include companies of your size, at your investment stage, and in your industry before the competition.

Understand investors you’re approaching and their investment activity

Monitor specific venture capital firms or accelerators and industry trends, and set custom alerts to receive updates on the data that matters to you.

How to find angel investors using Crunchbase

Pair our proprietary data with our world-class prospecting tools

The data on our platform is structured, intelligent, and dynamic. Combine it with thoughtful search features, and you get a can’t-live-without tool for your growing business.

Unlock Data and Make Connections That Accelerate Growth

Valor Partners Reduces Prospecting Time and Finds New Clients

Valor Partners selected Crunchbase Pro to prospect new customers, and as a research tool to surface the highest quality candidates for their clients. By building focused searches based on sector, funding, and location, Johnson and his team are able to find exactly the companies and people they are looking for with ease.

“For 15 years I have been using the same product, but Crunchbase Pro immediately blew it out of the water with the search tool’s level of detail and granularity. With Crunchbase Pro, I can stay on top of the market and my clients’ companies with the most up-to-date data in the industry.”
Doug J.
Founder and President
Valor Partners
“The sophistication of Crunchbase Pro lets us go deeper than other sources can. We can have more than 40 complex company searches built out at any time, so the ability to save, slice, and group them efficiently lets us build the strategic market maps we need.”
Dan W.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

RevelOne Improves Their Research Process and Builds New Strategic Market Maps

Crunchbase Pro allows RevelOne to quickly identify the most relevant companies and candidates to build strategic market maps. Managing partner, Dan Weiner, and his team build highly targeted company searches based on industry, size, and fundraising stage, then track new matches by saving searches with custom alerts.

Features that Help Ease the Funding Process

Find investors quickly

Add up to 25 search filters to find potential investors based on multiple criteria

Keep track of your target investor list

Get custom alerts on the investors and industries that matter to you

Don’t overpay for investor sourcing tools

With plans for individuals, find the solution that’s right for your budget

Try now, commit later

Give Crunchbase Pro a spin for free for seven days; cancel anytime

Take advantage of premium partnerships

Augment your searches with data from our partners, like competitor and revenue data from Owler

Access top-notch customer support

Crunchbase Pro users have a dedicated support team member, reachable via email and chat

Getting Funded Is Easier With Crunchbase Pro

See how Crunchbase Pro can help your due dilligence and build your target list. Secure more term sheets and find angel investors, new accelerator programs, and venture investors.

Crunchbase Pro Search Example

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