Verified company and investor data at your fingertips

Enrich your database with accurate company and investor data that updates in real-time:
  • Company descriptions
  • Investor details
  • Funding rounds
  • Industry information
  • Much more!

Supercharge your pipeline

with Crunchbase Enterprise

Enrich your Salesforce accounts

Close deals faster by adding Crunchbase data to your Salesforce account. Access the latest funding information, acquisitions, and news directly in your account records.

Analyze the Crunchbase dataset

Get a live data feed from the Crunchbase REST API to your system of record or data warehouse. Perform your own analysis with flexible Excel downloads. 

Pinpoint prospects first

Set custom alerts on key buy signals and company news so your team is always up to speed on what matters–before the competition.

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Crunchbase Enterprise Includes:

API access

Salesforce integration

Excel exports

Crunchbase Pro seats

Hear from our customers

“The Crunchbase Data license made our new digital exploratory project possible. I'm not sure if the project could have moved forward in this direction without it.”

Soren J., Senior Consultant, Deloitte

"Without access to Crunchbase Enterprise, we would not be able to do the industry-specific landscape analysis our clients need."

Stephane R., Senior Knowledge Expert, Oliver Wyman