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“The breadth and depth of Crunchbase data is well worth the cost and very cost-competitive. And with the different ways of implementing the data into a platform, it’s easy to start seeing the benefits of integrating the data.”

Jim Benson, CTO, Exchange

100s of Research Hours Saved

Reduced Government Costs

Increased Staff Productivity

What if emerging tech startups had direct access to the biggest buyer in the United States – the federal government?

On the flip side, what if the federal government had an easier way of discovering innovative startups to invest in?

Meet the Exchange, the platform that’s democratizing access to opportunities for both emerging startups and the government by building a bridge – in the form of a marketplace – that connects the two.

Democratizing Access to Opportunities

Every year, thousands of tech startups are launched. Many of these companies will inevitably pivot their business model or product to something completely different to find product-market fit.

While the government is a large entity, it can’t possibly keep up with all the movement that happens in the startup community. As a result, numerous innovative startups go unnoticed.

The Exchange is on a mission to solve this issue.

Think of the Exchange as a marketplace that connects “buyers” (government agencies) and “sellers” (startups) resulting in a startup accelerating its revenue and growth and the government gaining access to new companies, new technologies and new ideas that accelerate innovation in key areas like finance, healthcare, and defense.

Creating a platform to the scale and scope that the Exchange is building isn’t easy. With millions of companies in the U.S. and thousands starting every year, creating a searchable database that organizes all of this information and keeps it up-to-date takes a significant amount of time – not to mention a ton of data.

That’s why the Exchange partnered with Crunchbase – to make what would take an enormous effort to create, achievable in a short amount of time.

Using Crunchbase to Empower the Government with Insights They’ve Never Had Before

To deliver on its promise of making it easier for the government to identify startups building next-generation products and services, the Exchange integrated Crunchbase data into its platform.

With millions of companies in the Crunchbase database, this was the easiest way for the Exchange to get instant access to a large amount of company information from one source – trusted by over 50 million users every year – to enhance its platform.

When you’re helping the government discover innovative companies, volume matters. The Exchange’s CTO, Jim Benson, shared an example that illustrates just how important it is for this sector, “When you search for machine learning companies (an emerging topic in the federal sector) who work directly with the federal government, you come back with about 100-200 companies based on publicly available data. But when you search for machine learning companies outside of the federal space you get thousands.” This translates to thousands of companies the federal government doesn’t even know exist and opportunities to accelerate outcomes that may have taken years to complete simply because the government didn’t work with them directly.

“I don’t say this lightly – As a startup ourselves, Crunchbase is a true partner that wants to understand your business and apply its data in meaningful ways. Crunchbase has clearly demonstrated they’re committed to our success and we’re thrilled to partner with them.” – Jim Benson, CTO, Exchange

By adding Crunchbase for Applications and adding data to its platform through Crunchbase’s bulk data export feature, the Exchange accomplished three things:

  • Increased the number of searchable companies in its database giving the federal government more visibility
  • Provided the government with a smaller, more targeted list of investable companies due to the increased ability to analyze and surface trends in larger datasets
  • Provided the government with insights into thousands of companies they didn’t even know about thus increasing their ability to solve mission problems faster

While it’s still early days for the Exchange, they’ve helped the government achieve some impressive results simply by increasing the amount of data in their platform:

  • Saved hundreds of research hours
  • Reduced costs
  • Simplified market analysis
  • Increased productivity among staff

With Crunchbase, the Exchange is creating a valuable service for the government, while also helping the once-undiscoverable be discovered at the federal level and creating opportunities for emerging startups along the way. This success has even begun to open new markets for other intermediaries such as VCs, CVCs, R&D Organizations and System integrators to help buyers and suppliers accelerate results.

The Exchange continues to invest in advanced modeling, AI, and analytical capabilities to improve search and sourcing opportunities and increase the speed and precision of how they match supply to demand, thanks to a foundation of vast, accurate data.

“There are a lot of companies out there with just a fraction of the data we needed. Crunchbase was the only one to give us over 400,000 companies that we had never heard of, along with information that we could use. All this data helped us create a product that saved our customers thousands of hours of research.” – Jim Benson, CTO, Exchange

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