Founded in 2020
Industry Artificial Intelligence
Use case Platform Development
Product Crunchbase for Applications

"Crunchbase has been a brilliant partner, standing side by side with us as we develop the platform."

Greg Watts, Founder and CEO of Findr

Findr is an artificial intelligence platform that automates the creation of commercial partnerships based on common criteria. The platform is able to cut down the time and effort it takes to create partnerships from months or years to minutes or hours, in just a few clicks. 

Findr will initially be launched to U.K. fintechs and their prospective partners, including retailers, financial institutions and investors, but the company has ambitions to widen its scope to serve all businesses spanning multiple vertical markets and geographies in the coming years.

Why Crunchbase?

Building a successful AI partnership platform hinges on access to a wealth of accurate, up-to-date private company data, coupled with the ability to seamlessly integrate that data. 

Since 2007, growing companies, investors and subject matter experts have contributed directly to Crunchbase, alongside proprietary algorithms and internal data accuracy teams. Crunchbase clearly has the right data to fuel Findr’s algorithm and profiles, but it is the company’s experience that enabled Findr to hit the ground running.

We spoke to a number of potential data partners, but chose Crunchbase because they were so collaborative. From the beginning, it felt like a true, two-way partnership,” said Findr founder and CEO Greg Watts. 

“The credibility of Crunchbase data helps our users hone their decision-making, while our platform takes that input and matches them with the right decision-makers,” he said.

Using Crunchbase for Applications, customers seamlessly integrate Crunchbase’s trusted private company data into products and algorithms via API or bulk export CSV, with no limits. 

Crunchbase finds, validates and keeps private company data up-to-date, eliminating the need for maintenance and data management. 

With unparalleled access to proprietary Crunchbase data, building and scaling a new product or training an algorithm is faster and easier than ever.

Solving An Age-Old Business Problem, Together

For startups and companies with limited resources and a short financial runway, the amount of time spent researching and vetting potential partners can mean the difference between success and failure.

Approximately 90 percent of startups fail in the first year, and one of the key reasons is because they can’t form the partnerships they need to survive and thrive before their funding runs out,” explained Watts. “There are many reasons it takes so long, such as not being able to navigate the ecosystem of potential partners, not knowing who the key decision makers are, or simply being unable to articulate their proposition effectively.”

The power of the Crunchbase dataset coupled with the Findr platform saves users a significant amount of time by providing them with a rich, single view of potential partners and a unique “match-making” capability driven by Findr’s AI machine-learning algorithm. Together, Crunchbase and Findr are solving the age-old business challenge of cold prospecting.

“There are other platforms that provide insights into prospective partners, but they stop short of connecting key decision-makers if there’s common interest,” explains Watts. “Whereas those platforms still require cold outreach, Findr only provides users with warm leads.” 

Upon signup, users fill out information about themselves and the types of partnerships they’re looking for. Then Findr goes to work unlocking deep, relevant insights about prospective partners. When the criteria matches, users receive a notification and access to key decision-maker details, and can initiate a discovery call within the platform if they choose.

This fall, Findr will launch in the U.K. with the goal of providing a partnership solution to the vast network of the country’s fintechs and their partners–3,000 fintechs, 200,000 retailers, 1,200 financial institutions and 30,000 investors. Crunchbase data, plus data from a few additional sources, will power Findr profiles as the company launches and pursues its vision to be the partnership-matching platform for all businesses.

“Crunchbase has been a brilliant partner, standing side by side with us as we develop the platform,” said Watts.

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