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Product Crunchbase Enterprise

"The Crunchbase Data license made our new digital exploratory project possible. I’m not sure if the project could have moved forward in this direction without it.”

Soren J., Senior Consultant Deloitte Digital


Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (DTC) wanted to analyze data for a new project that sought to leverage innovative companies to tackle core business challenges across their top clients. In order to have access to key insight about private, innovative companies, DTC needed a way to get the most up-to-date information in a format that they could quickly analyze to understand big picture trends and create strategies for many projects at once.

Why Crunchbase?

After evaluating many potential sources of data, the DTC team selected Crunchbase as their key analysis tool due to its excellent data delivery format and depth and consistency of the dataset. The DTC team found exceptionally comprehensive data in Crunchbase on many entity types from companies to investments and personnel. The ability to export the entire Crunchbase dataset on a daily basis for batch analysis made it possible for the DTC team to focus in on the most important information quickly for each of their specific projects.


Crunchbase’s data license got the DTC project up and running just minutes after signing the contract and demonstrated key early successes. The team has found that Crunchbase has the most complete data set available, and is excellent for identifying and analyzing industry and investor patterns with a complete picture of the market to build innovation strategies for their clients. Additionally, using the Crunchbase data platform, the DTC team saw a substantial long term opportunity to use Crunchbase as a participatory platform and to contribute data back and improve their ongoing analysis.

Integrate Crunchbase data with Salesforce, and get API access.

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