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Founded in 2013
Industry Sales Automation
Use case Lead Generation
Product Crunchbase for Applications

“The most important things for us are quality and freshness of data, and no one else compares to Crunchbase.”

Ilya S., Founder and CEO, Datanyze


Datanyze needed a better way to deliver high-potential, high-quality leads to their biggest customer group: sales teams. Datanyze uses funding data as the key signifier of quality prospects. Most sales reps look for the total amount of funding raised, while others target companies who have had recent successful funding rounds. Prior to using Crunchbase, Datanyze accessed information from public data available from, but this process was too clunky. There were many blanks, long delays, and it was only available for US filings. Customers expected to see the latest numbers, and Datanyze needed to deliver on that promise.

Why Crunchbase?

Datanyze needed to improve the quality of their data and reduce the time it took to gather it. Crunchbase proved that it had the resources to get better data, faster. No other source Datanyze evaluated was as accurate, deep, or had as much coverage. “When people think about funding and VCs, they think of Crunchbase. We knew if we purchased Crunchbase for Applications we’d have a trusted partner to build our ongoing credibility,” Datanyze CEO, Ilya Semin said. Datanyze was also looking for an open API, so the setup and integration of Crunchbase would be fast and easy.


Accessing the latest funding information available has completely solved Datanyze’s problems of timeliness and depth. Crunchbase is not only faster, but more unique and comprehensive than their previous sources. Datanyze clients have been reporting consistently better numbers and better leads. The open API made it seamless to implement and saved many hours of development time. Since integrating Crunchbase for Applications, Datanyze has found the information so helpful they now use it to find sales leads internally as well.

Use Crunchbase data to build your product with Crunchbase for Applications.

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