Founded in 2015
Industry SaaS
Use case Product Enhancement
Product Crunchbase for Applications

“Funding data from Crunchbase is definitely the best out there. In terms of being comprehensive and accurate, Crunchbase is really good. With Crunchbase for Applications, we were able to provide the trusted funding data our customers needed to more successfully close deals, without the hassle.”

Ray Li, Co-founder,

15 Engineering Hours Saved Each Week

0 Data Discrepancies Since Implementation

Enriched Customer Experience with High-Value Data

What if you could accelerate the time it took for your team to develop a new product or feature?

That’s exactly what Apollo experienced when they partnered with Crunchbase.

Founded by Ray Li, Roy Chung, and Tim Zheng in 2015, Apollo is a San Francisco-based startup that provides an engagement acceleration platform that helps sales professionals identify who to target, how to reach out to them, and what to say at speed and scale.

The Problem

Searching for, Collecting, and Incorporating Funding Data In-Product is Resource-Intensive

One of Apollo’s product roadmap priorities was to build an intelligent platform that could surface timely information to customers. To build this and, in turn, increase customer engagement and enrich the user experience, Apollo wanted to incorporate funding data.

Why funding data? It’s a sought after signal amongst sales professionals as it indicates when a company is in a position to invest in expanding their business, an ideal time to engage or re-engage.

When Apollo attempted to build an in-house tool to monitor the Internet for funding news, collect the data, and bring it in-product, they realized it was resource-intensive and risky. A significant amount of time is needed for maintenance, quality assurance, and data quality management. If you build in-house without the proper team to manage it, you risk inaccurate data corrupting your product.

The Solution

Partnered with Crunchbase to Get Access to Funding Data

Apollo also realized that tracking, collecting, and displaying funding data in-product is complex and takes a lot of time for two reasons:

  1. Not every new funding announcement is reported by top-tier publications like TechCrunch or the Wall Street Journal, so some end up falling through the cracks.
  2. Not all companies – tech and non-tech – announce new rounds of funding publicly.

Ultimately, Apollo had a choice to make. Either continue wasting valuable time trying to develop their own way of obtaining funding data, or find a partner that could give them instant access to the data they need so they could scale their platform and business without slowing down.

They chose option two.

Realizing that there was a better way to get their hands on funding data, the Apollo team decided to partner with Crunchbase.

The Result

Accelerated Product Development by Incorporating Funding Data from Crunchbase

Leveraging the largest investment community of its kind, algorithms that search for and validate data, and a data management team that ensures accuracy, Crunchbase for Applications provides unparalleled access to funding data. Exactly what Apollo needed to speed up its product development.

Instead of wasting valuable engineering hours building their own solution, the Apollo team integrated Crunchbase’s funding data directly into its product within two weeks with only one person writing the integration. With one simple Rest API integration and a customer success team ready to support: no data management, no maintenance, no headache. Just happy customers.

Every year, 50 million people rely on Crunchbase data to surface opportunities, gather valuable company insights, and conduct research. By connecting its engagement platform, Apollo achieved two things:

They saved valuable engineering hours that could be used for other projects.
They gained access to a treasure trove of data that enhanced their product, leading to increased customer value.

Partnering with Crunchbase ultimately enabled the Apollo team to accelerate the development of its platform. They were able to get funding data in the hands of customers sooner rather than later.

With the positive reaction from its customer base, Apollo is now exploring ways of expanding its partnership with Crunchbase to find more ways to enhance its product with additional data.

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