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Track industry trends

Identify upcoming market trends before your competitors. As a live company database, Crunchbase is updated constantly. We ensure you and your team have access to the freshest information and newest company insights.

Crunchbase gives investor, analyst or finance professionals flexible access to Crunchbase’s complete company data. Leaders in market research rely on Crunchbase’s live company data to build powerful internal databases and research insights in respective industries.

Access live company data

Monitor and identify industry trends with dynamic company information. See how much companies in a certain category are raising and who are the leading players with our global coverage on companies ranging from pre-seed to late-stage.

Data in a flexible format

Our company data is easily accessible no matter how technical you are. Complete industry-specific landscape analysis with live information on funding rounds,  acquisitions, location, and categories.

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Crunchbase is the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities. Over 50 million professionals—including entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers, and salespeople—trust Crunchbase to inform their business decisions. And companies all over the world rely on Crunchbase to power their applications, making over a billion calls to our API each year.

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