Crunchbase for Applications

Develop Products That Delight Your Customers

Enhance your products with proprietary data from Crunchbase.

Say Goodbye to Building Your Own Database

Data makes your product better, but you don’t have the time and resources to invest in building a database in-house. Access data without the heavy lifting with Crunchbase for Applications.

Your customers want real-time data. Easier said than done.

When growing your core business is your top priority, you can’t afford to scrape the internet for data that may be unreliable or out of date.

Creating a database from scratch requires time and resources better spent elsewhere.

Firmographic data adds value to your product and algorithms, but building a database is beyond the scope of your core product and requires reallocating resources that are needed elsewhere.

Without the latest company data, your product loses credibility.

Your customers need a complete picture of their target companies, but you don’t want to compromise your product with questionable data that they can’t trust.

Attract and Engage Customers With Powerful Company Data

Crunchbase for Applications makes it easy to leverage credible and actionable data directly into your product or algorithm.

Take your product to the next level with high-quality data

Never scrape the internet for critical information again. Growing companies and the players that support them have been providing data to Crunchbase since 2007.

Easily integrate private company data into your product

Our flexible integrations via API or CSV exports allow you to pull the data you need right into your product or algorithm, no need for post-processing or ongoing maintenance.

Use data to run low-cost experiments and speed up product development

With Crunchbase data, accessible via API, you can quickly test new products and features without having to risk significant internal investments.

Access Data That Improves Your Product and Accelerates Growth

Outreach Saves Customers 6 to 7 Hours of Research Per Month

Outreach consolidates account-level information from several third parties and aggregates this information into one sales enablement platform. Integrating Crunchbase data makes the platform indispensable to their customers. Customers report more qualified leads and closed deals while saving significant time in the process.
“Crunchbase data is integral to our Prospect Intelligence Platform. We have saved each user 6 to 7 hours of research per month, enabling our customers to see a complete picture of their target audience at a glance.”
Hugo S.
Senior Product Manager
“When people think about funding and VCs, they think of Crunchbase. We knew if we purchased Crunchbase for Applications we’d have a trusted partner to build our ongoing credibility,”
Ilya Semin

Datanyze Delivers High-Quality Funding Data to Their Clients

Datanyze needed to improve the quality of their data and reduce the time it took to gather it. Crunchbase for Applications provided access to the latest funding data. The open API made it seamless to implement and saved many hours of development time.  

Drive Product Development with Crunchbase Data

Find companies quickly

Integrating with Crunchbase for Applications adds valuable data to your product

Develop features that matter

Crunchbase data informs product development so that you build what your customers want

Integrate seamlessly

Pull the data you need where you need it through our seamless REST API

Access a free demo

Contact us and discover the data your product’s been missing

Flexible workflows

Connect through API or leverage CSV exports for unlimited access to Crunchbase’s database

Access top-notch customer support

Users have a dedicated support team member, reachable via email and chat