Now Find Mobile App Data and Website Traffic Analytics in Crunchbase for Free

Did you know registered users now have access to our premium data partners? We’ve added new data fields. For free, logged in users can now see website traffic information and mobile app analytics directly in Crunchbase profiles and Crunchbase search.

Upgrade to Crunchbase Pro to filter with website traffic analytics and mobile app data.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at SimilarWeb and Apptopia to provide our users even more value on Crunchbase profiles to our users for free! In this article, we walk through the new information fields now in Crunchbase and some great use cases.

How to Use Website Traffic Analytics on Crunchbase

SimilarWeb provides 15 new data fields in Crunchbase and adds in-depth website traffic and engagement information such as traffic, month-over-month growth, global rankings, page views per visit, and more. 

Use website traffic data to analyze a competitor’s digital strategy or benchmark against companies similar to yours.
SaaS Companies with 100K to 500K Monthly Site Visits

Find fast growing prospects with new budgets.
Companies with High Website Growth Rate and who have Recently Secured Funding

How to Use Mobile App Analytic Data on Crunchbase

Apptopia Lite provides 9 new data fields in Crunchbase and adds limited mobile app intelligence of iOS and Android application usage and revenue data. Moreover, get access to accurate and transparent information on macro app trends and micro-app details.

Find highly qualified leads from companies with fast-growing apps.
Health Care Companies with Rapidly Growing Monthly Active Users

Invest in companies with the highest monthly app growth rate in specific industries and regions.
Midwestern Companies with Quickly Growing Total App Revenue Generated

Where To Find New Data

Crunchbase Profiles

Free users can add up to two filters, while Crunchbase Pro subscribers can add up to 15 filters.

New data fields in Crunchbase: Mobile App Analytics in Crunchbase Profiles


Crunchbase Searches

Additionally, users can drill down on rapidly growing companies and narrow down their search to find potential prospects, portfolio companies, or partners. Free users can add up to two filters, while Crunchbase Pro subscribers can add up to 15 filters.

New data fields in Crunchbase: Add a website traffic analytics to your Crunchbase search.



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  • Originally published May 18, 2018, updated April 26, 2023