Editor’s note: This is a repost of a TechCrunch article written by Jon Shieber.

Basis Science may not have two turnables and a microphone, but the company may have a deep-pocketed new owner in Intel (should the deal go through).

On the heels of its market merry-go-round and possible sale we thought it might be nice to take a quick look at some of the big winners, losers and in-betweeners in wearables.

So far this year GoPro, which has a fancy portable (some would say wearable) camera, has filed for a super-secret public offering; FitBit is going bling with Tory Burch; Jawbone is raking in the dough on its way to a public offering; and even humble Hardware Battlefield winners can get money for wearable technology.

Even Hong Kong billionaires are backing new wearable technology companies. Basically everyone wants to know WTF their wearable strategy is?

Since 2009 the number of companies getting funded to develop new wearable tech-enabled hardware has grown dramatically, according to our data. Technology investors have spent over half a billion dollars in equity and debt on wearable tech startups since the sector began piquing investors’ interest in 2009.

Big investors in the sector include Khosla Ventures and the Foundry Group, but the undisputed king of wearable investment is True Ventures, which has backed six companies in the nascent sector since 2009, according to CrunchBase data.

Of the companies in the market, the ones that seem to have attracted the most attention from investors are Oculus VR, Fitbit, Jawbone. The question is, who’s next?

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  • Originally published March 4, 2014, updated April 26, 2023