How Many New Accounts Can Crunchbase Add to Your Sales Funnel? Ask the Sales ROI Calculator!

Introducing Crunchbase’s sales ROI calculator, an interactive tool that shows you the number of accounts in your territories that have buying power right now and the potential additional revenue you can generate with Crunchbase. 

When combined with Crunchbase data, you’ll be able to identify the exact accounts that have buying power, find the right decision-makers to connect with, and reach out without having to use additional tools.

Here’s how the sales ROI calculator works.

Using the sales ROI calculator

Let’s say you’re a sales development representative (SDR) and your ideal customer profile is a software company with 51-500 employees. In addition:

  • The average deal size for your company is $15,000;
  • Your team’s opportunity win rate is 38 percent; and
  • The territories you’re responsible for are California, Oregon and Washington.

To use the calculator, input these details and click calculate. Here are the results:

Note: The results displayed in the sales ROI calculator image are as of April 13, 2022. Your results will vary. 

Let’s break down the results. There are 477 accounts in Crunchbase that match your criteria,  have buying power and show signs of growth in the past six months, 329 accounts have raised new funding, and 148 have expanded their leadership teams with new hires. These accounts are ripe for outreach. 

The calculator also shows there’s more than $2.7 million in potential additional revenue sitting in your territories. If you’re curious, there are two parts to calculate the potential additional revenue: 

  • First, the number of accounts in your calculator results is multiplied by your opportunity win rate, showing you the number of accounts you’re likely to turn into opportunities assuming your rate stays the same.  
  • Second, the number of accounts you’re likely to turn into opportunities is multiplied by your average deal size to get the potential additional revenue dollar amount. 

It’s important to note that potential additional revenue doesn’t factor in upsells, customers buying multiple licenses, or anything else that can impact your average deal size. Potential additional revenue should be looked at as just that: potential. The revenue you generate could be higher or lower depending on several factors. 

Now that you have an idea of the possibilities, let’s look at how you can use Crunchbase to identify the exact accounts to target and who to reach out to.  

See how many accounts in your territories have buying power right now

How to use Crunchbase to capitalize on your results

With newfound insights from the sales ROI calculator, you now know there’s money to be made in your territories. 

Leverage Crunchbase’s advanced search to proactively identify the accounts surfaced in your calculator results by using filters such as employee size, industry and headquarters location.

You don’t have to stop there.

Leverage recommended companies to discover additional prospects based on your territory preferences, accounts saved to your CRM and unique activity on Crunchbase. Not only can Crunchbase help you find prospects, it can accelerate your prospecting by automating account discovery.

Once you’ve identified the target accounts in your territories, use Crunchbase’s contact data under the people tab on company profiles to find decision-makers. Search by department, job title or name to pinpoint the right person to connect with.

Now that you know who you want to reach out to and have access to their contact information, it’s time to connect.

But before you open a new tab to send off an email, there’s no need: You can email decision-makers directly from Crunchbase. In addition, you can leverage email templates and snippets powered by Crunchbase data to build personalized emails that cut through the noise.

Crunchbase Engagement Suite

Let’s recap. In one platform, you: 

  • Got a snapshot of how many accounts in your territories have buying power now and the potential revenue you could generate;
  • Identified target accounts;
  • Uncovered contact data for the decision-makers you want to connect with; and
  • Sent a personalized email without having to open another tool.

Now that’s an optimized prospecting workflow.

Crunchbase’s sales ROI calculator is a simple, yet informative tool. However, to capitalize on the opportunities it surfaces, you’ll need to put Crunchbase’s prospecting software to work for you. Access best-in-class data and premium features that enable you to not only identify the right accounts but act on them.

See how many accounts Crunchbase can add to your funnel

  • Originally published May 4, 2022, updated May 5, 2023