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7 Clutch Sales Prospecting Tools

There’s no shortage of sales prospecting tools on the market these days, all touting time savings. But who of today’s busy sales professionals has the time on their hands to vet hundreds of tools let alone road test them to find the best fit?

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Though no number of tools can replace the value of the personal touch of relationship building, your near-psychic intuition, and your innate focus and drive to hit it hard each day, taking advantage of the modern tools available to cut down on tedious and repetitious tasks is a major win.

7 Clutch Sales Prospecting Tools

So next time you’re evaluating tools, consider these six great tools for your sales arsenal:


Total Funding Amount: $9.3M
Founded in 2015
Investors include Social Capital, SV Angel, Y Combinator, and ZhenFund.

Engage with the perfect messaging, at speed & scale with Apollo.

    • Spend less time researching the right thing to say with Apollo’s recommended messaging and data-driven emails.
    • Receive recommended messaging based on criteria like persona, vertical, and use case.
    • Sell effectively to entire accounts with fast, repeatable playbooks.

Similarly, use Apollo to split test outreach sequences (email, calls, task steps, etc) and let the platform build a continuously improving structure, or “magic formula” around your engagement strategies.

Apollo then connects with all of the tools you already use for email, professional networking sites, company web pages, and CRM to learn more about the leads you’re interested in for continuous sales prospecting.

2. Emissary

Total Funding Amount: $14 million
Founded in 2013
Investors include GV, eBay, The New York Times, and Canaan Partners

Emissary is an enterprise sales intelligence network founded by David Hammer, a product leader at Google. David saw firsthand that there’s only so much that can be solved with data mining, analytics, and AI. Equally important are all of the things we know, locked up in our heads — and they’re only accessible through the right relationship with the right person at the right moment.

Additionally, with an Emissary subscription, you can easily access critical information about your biggest accounts. Similarly, connect with a human who has actually worked there – your “Emissary” to devise a plan that gets you in.

  • Eliminate the uncertainty, unpredictability, and confusion typical of the enterprise sales process.
  • Discover hidden decision makers and influencers.
  • Get the unofficial org chart.
  • Chart the best paths for entry.
  • Tailor marketing materials and outreach collateral to your buyer.

3. Cirrus Insight

Total Funding Amount: $550,000
Founded in 2011
Investors include DOT Capital and David J. La Placa

Ever wonder what happens to your attachment once you hit send? Understand what prospects really want and know what happens to your attachments with attachment analytics with Cirrus Insight.

Most noteworthy track your prospect’s collateral usage and engagement and understand which collateral is influential in closing deals and save best performing collateral into a preferred use library for your future efforts.

  • Streamline sharing of information across multiple systems to keep inbox, calendar, and Salesforce in sync.
  • Flight plans and drip campaign tools made for salespeople.
  • Enterprise calendar scheduling tools to make scheduling large groups a piece of cake.
  • Track when customers open your emails so you can follow up at just the right time.

4. Crunchbase Pro

Total Funding Amount: $26.5 million
Founded in 2007
Investors include Mayfield Fund, Emergence Capital, Cowboy Ventures, AOL, and Felicis Ventures.

While we may be biased, we couldn’t make a list of helpful sales prospecting tools without mentioning ourselves. For those salespeople prospecting on a budget, Crunchbase Pro is a great resource to identify new leads. Use Crunchbase Pro to filter companies based on your target customer. Add unlimited filters with Crunchbase Pro to ensure your sales prospecting lists are filtered by highly valuable, intent-driven insights such as:

  • Funding raised
  • Acquisitions
  • Headquarter locations (region, country, city, etc.)
  • Investment stage (early stage, late stage, seed, angel, post-IPO-equity, etc.).

Leverage Pro’s alerts feature to get real-time notifications on when a targeted lead raises a round of funding or exhibits another key buy signal or trigger event. With a strong community of contributors, the largest venture partner network, and in-house data teams armed with powerful machine learning, Crunchbase has earned its place as the world’s master data record of innovative companies.

Follow these three steps to learn how to use Crunchbase Pro for sales.

5. Hunter

Total Funding Amount: undisclosed
Founded in 2015

Get the email addresses of an organization. Bonus: the first 100 each month are free!

Additionally, Hunter’s Domain Search lists all the people working in a company with their name and email address found on the web. Hence with 200+ million email addresses indexed, effective search filters and scoring, it’s the most powerful email-finding tool available today.

  • Get the most common email format used in the organization from dozens of possible combinations.
  • Type a name and get the proven or most likely email address of this person.
  • Save any profile to your leads to export or synchronize them with your favorite CRM.

6. PandaDoc

Total Funding Amount: $21.1 million
Founded in 2011
Investors include HubSpot, Kima Ventures, Altos Ventures, and Rembrandt Venture Partners.

PandaDoc helps you eliminate the tedious paperwork and administrative tasks that keep you from engaging prospects and closing deals. 

  • Secure electronic signatures on any device.
  • Automate the quoting process.
  • Full contract lifecycle management.
  • Templates and content libraries for perfect proposals.
  • Powerful workflows can be utilized for marketing content, too.

As a result, automate document processes and see sales activity, signed contracts, negotiations, and automated reminders all from one dashboard.

7. Albacross

Total Funding Amount: $3.8 million
Founded in 2014
Investors include

Lastly, Albacross helps you to identify and track the companies which have visited your website. Additionally, you’ll have a full profile of each lead which includes such data as company size, its revenue, industry, location, and contact details of their leaders.

Apart from that, Albacross integrates with Zapier, which means you’ll have access to thousands of various apps, tools, and services available out there. Moreover, with Albacross service you’ll be able to convert your website visitors into leads and boost your B2B sales.

  • Find out which companies and potential customers are visiting your website and how to contact them.
  • Get a deep insight on which pages your visitors are most interested in and how they interact with your website.
  • Get access to contact details of decision makers at companies interested in your business.

So if it’s time to give your sales prospecting toolkit an upgrade, we hope this list will be helpful. Look at creative ways to leverage the synergies of these tools and also check the app stores and Chrome extensions for powerful shortcuts to keep you on task with what you do best!

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