Today we are introducing the CrunchBase Research Spotlight Program, the companion to the Developer Spotlight Program.  This is our way of featuring great research that’s been done using CrunchBase data.

Researchers, academics, and whomever else has a love for CrunchBase data can take part in the Spotlight Program.  If we choose your research, we’ll write about your work on the CrunchBase blog and share it through our regular newsletters. Of course we’ll also let our friends at TechCrunch know about your work.   To be a part of the Spotlight program, please ensure that your research meets the following basic guidelines:

  • Your findings are publicly available
  • Your research attributes CrunchBase according to the CrunchBase API TOS
  • Your research directs users to CrunchBase to update missing or out-dated information

To submit your application, send us an email at send us an email.   We look forward to hearing from you! You can follow us on TwitterFacebook, or right here.

  • Originally published March 7, 2013, updated April 26, 2023